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Can cats get used to traveling?

I am in the process of dating this guy... we want to spend more time together but I dont want to leave my cat alone all the time to go see him, I took him once to his house and he seemed content (his tail was in the air). The problem is he has a cat himself that has been kept at his parents house that he is bring down to his new place. Can I get a cat used to traveling there and being in his place with his cat? Would it cause too much stress? What can I do?


I have taken him places when he was a kitten and he loves the car, I dont appreciate people telling me to give me cat away, a cat is a life long commitment that is why I want to have him get used to being where I go in life but I want to make it as easy as possible. He has met the other cat before and they seemed fine but this will be different territory for the both of them.

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    Gail H is on the right track! "Cats are territorial". Unless the cat has been raised, from being a kitten, to travel around. you are likely to lose your cat. The first opportunity the cat gets, it is likely that it will try to get back home. On rare occassions, cats do make it back, after many weeks or months and are usually in a pitiful state. You home is your cat's territory and it feels safe there. It's a risk to take it away with you but the bigger question is are you willing to take that risk? In my honest opinion, I believe that you should give your cat away, to a neighbour so it can remain on familiar ground. Anywhere beyond your cat's boundary will stress your cat out, so give it to a neighbour.

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    Some cat travel very well. My cat has travelled the country with us. He lays down on the dashboard and watches the world go by. I also met a lady who travels in a van with her cat, we met her in a campground. It would depend on the cat. As for getting along with his cat, some will and some won't. My cat likes to travel but he doesn't get along with other cats. In nature most cats are loners, they are territorial. The only thing you can do is give it a try and see what happens.

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    I had a cat who loved riding in the car and went on trips with my husband and I all the time, even camping trips. You indicated that your cat has already met your boyfriend's cat and they got along, so I don't see the problem. Take the cat with you and the four of you can have a good time together.

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    Cats will get used to traveling. My mother used to bring her cat with her when she traveled the country for her company. He loved it. As far as cats getting used to other cats, they are all different. Some are fine with other cats, others just won't tolorate another kitty in their domain. If they are both spayed/neutered, there should not be a problem with aggression. They would be a little stressed until they got used to each other, but it passes quickly. Same with traveling. Some stress in the beginning, but soon it will seem like a regular thing to him. All things in good time.

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    Cats can learn to get along. Just be prepared for some ititial fighting and hissing. They have to settle their territorial issues before they become friends. Cats are very social animals and like to be with other cats. I would take my cat there. Leave his carrier open so he can go in and out and know he has his own space in the strange territory. Good luck.

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    Yes of course.

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    After a while they might get use to it. You could train it at a young age and it should get use to it.

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