Working effectively under pressure?

1 week to exams and all i have done is condensed some of my chapter to cornell notes and mind-maps. What should i do now? How should i go about to study? Currently, my brain is freaking out because of the pressure and the thought of 1 week so i am actually not getting anything done. Especially when thinking of the million and one things i will have to memorise. It seems so difficult and here i am worried, anxious and not studying. I can't work well under pressure. What should i do? How do i go about studying? How do i memorise all my chapters in 1 week? I appreciate all useful advice. Thanks =)



I'm sooooooo crazy now...why is no-one answering my question????? HELP pple..pleeeasee?

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    1 decade ago
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    Eat well. Sleep well, exercise well. Review all your notes. Write everything 10 times that you need to memorize.

    Source(s): Mom of teen who freaks before finals
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