Can somebody help me??

My husband and I did the baby dance last's supposed to be around the time of ovulation for me. Well, right after we had finished, where my right ovary should be started hurting. It's not like completely terrible pain, but it's noticeable. I was just wondering what you thought. Do you think it's ovulation pain or did he hit something. It still hurts this morning. I just think it would be really weird if right after we finished, I ovulated. Hopefully I did! Any opinions will be appreciated!


Oh, and I'm sorry if this is too much info, but it was absolutely the best sex that we've ever had!

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    I get the same ovulation pain. It hurts to have intercourse in certain positions. I feel like my ovaries are enlarged for a hole day. Kind of feels like golf balls are down there and I also have to pee a lot more.

    Good luck that would be awesome if you ovulated right after sex.

    BABY DUST TO YOU & EVERYONE TTC****************

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    They say that some women experience mild to severe ovulation pain...for minutes up to hours. I myself experience it for about a day. I always know when I am ovulating. It hurts horribly for my boyfriend and I to do the baby dance as you say while I am ovulating! I have spoken about this with my doctor and she said there really isn't anything they can do. It probably was you ovulating! Baby dust to you!!!!

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    wouldn't stress over him hitting anything i mean all men would like to think that they can get that far in but no sorry guys impossible!!

    i would say its just ovulation or u may have pulled a small muscle during ur wild dance.

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    Hallo Baby + / - 40 weeks. Good Luck!!!

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