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Ramadan for you people who are going to school?

Just curious as to how you're taking up not eating and concentrating. Remember the Iman should take care of everything. Good Luck, and get that Hassanah. Assalam AlaykoM WR Wb.

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    it's not that hard, i only get thirsty after i do P.E

    like, if you don't really think about food or how hungry you are, it actually helps

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    Its kinda hard specially when people are eating and drinking in front of you, but when I get discouraged I pick up a book and read.

    Ramadan Mubarak!!!


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    oh boy, for its super hard bcz in our skool they finally got food that i can eat(you knw like cheese piza and so on) and there are people contantly eating in fron of u and tend to get tired and want something but u cant. its soooo hard!!

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    i do it all the time you get use to it acutully and it's ezer than fasting on the weekend b/c you got nothing to do and your bored and hungry so fasting is way ezer on school days

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  • 1 decade ago

    i feel wonderful i feel smarter while im fasting although if i have a long test or exam it kinda puts me out

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