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as Jews celebrate Rosh Hashanah now..13-15 sept,do they stop all work/business for those days?

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    Yes they do, because if they didnt then they would not be celebrating Rosh Hashanah. Rosh Hashanah is a day to let god forgive you for all your sins. But if someone had to work they wouldnt even be celebrating.

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    Religious Jews do.

  • Shana Tova to everybody. My father's family is of Sephardi origin.


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    some do, some dont,, basicly we get the oppertunaty to skip work for the day and have it excused since they have to give us the option, but i know my school closes for it

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    Mostly do. They spend their time praying in temple, and repenting sins.

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    yes they do . i live in Israel and no one is working . its like a really long shabat ..... (^: Shana Tova (have a good year )!!!!

    Source(s): my happy little country!!!
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