I used to feel depressed, but now I feel angry and annoyed. I wonder what is happening?

Hi everyone,

I used to get depressed over things. I don't anymore. I get more fiery feelings now over things. I get a mixture of anger, feeling upset and pissed off and annoyance.

I'm imagining I'm smashing things up or punching people - but off course I don't do any of these as I don't want to hurt anyone.

Could someone give any insight as to what might be happening? And please think twice before you answer, I do not want patronising answers such as: everything will be alright. I'm after more intelligent answers.

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    I have suffered from depression for a long time and have also had periods of time when I was very enraged over trivial things and got so angry for days on end. I think it was a way of dealing with any emotion other than sadness; it was the only way I really ever felt I was feeling anything at all for any length of time, and what I was most familiar with. I didn't trust happiness or joy, kept waiting for something to stuff it up.

    Emotions are the result of chemicals (often serotonin or adrenalin) released in our brains and sometimes it happens inappropriately due to some mix up in the grey matter and electrical impulses. I was eventually diagnosed as bipolar and have been on a very successful medication for a few years now. Maybe you are experiencing uncontrolled chemical releases (don't have to be bipolar for that to happen). It may be worth a chat to a doctor, but make sure you talk to one who specialises in depressive illnesses, otherwise you will just end up on some type of antidepressant that may not be right for you. I actually take an epileptic medication but it has given me a quality of control I never expected to have. I really hope this may help. It sounds like a simplistic answer but believe me, I think I know at least some of what you are going through.

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    I personally think that anger is a more serious form of depression. I think it spells fear and futility. BUT I think that if it's directed in the right way then it is usually more helpful because usually with anger comes some kind of action.

    I can suggest this: don't hold things inside. Communicate (in the most calm way you can). If you hold in the anger you will eventually explode with rage (which is not good).

    I'd also suggest that you keep a journal of when you feel this anger and try to pinpoint why. See if there's an underlying issue that really has you fired up.. then maybe you can do something about it.

    I know how you feel. Some bloody knuckles have entered my thoughts as well (and I'm a female adult!) but I usually find that if I speak up rather than seething I will not feel like a pressure cooker!

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    You could be bi polar. There is a test on line that can suggest the possibility of it. If you score that it's possible you then need to see a doctor to get a firm diagnoses. If not that then it maybe something else, so still go to the doctor.


    At the side of the page there are boxes. Click on Bi polar test. Scroll down page to the Best free test and click on the purple highlighted Free on line bi polar test.

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    I have no idea of your age.So perhaps its issues going on in your life.Do you feel in prisoned in certain areas of your life that you need to change and you haven't?For that can cause some anger for you need to vent some how.Try meditating or soothing teas,relaxation music.Work on yourself only you know deep inside what is causing this.

    Source(s): I have had the same thing.Mine was childhood issues and my anger turned into panic attacks.
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    Depression is frozen anger. You are making progress.

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    Maybe that is how you SHOULD feel in your current circumstance, it is better than the oblivious, selfish materialism, and oneupmanship that most people seem to operate under!

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