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Well on sunday I started getting really strong stomach pains.So monday i had a day off school.I went to the docters and she said it was probably a virus nd that if i started thrwing up to come back...That afternoon i started getting diareor(Sorry for bad spelling)I couldnt get to sleep and it was 12:00 am..Then I threw up in the toilet..So my parents took me 2 hospital..I threw up bile in the toielts after 3 hours of waiting(and 1 of sleeping) in the waiting room..Then i went into a room and they took a blood sample...After alot if tests they said i would have to be put into a room..By that time it was 10am...I still had diareor..i didnt eat all day...That night i ate jelly as i was hungry..But i went to the toilet and threw it all up..I couldnt get to sleep at night as the drip i was connected to beeped when it went empty which happened 6 times..So i had to call in the nurse..ALSO..They did tests on me in the night..In the morning i felt much better!


No vomiting in the morning but still diaroer and a bit of stomach aches..The docter came in and Told me i had Gastritus...And removed my drip..But nt the needle..At 12 i could go home..The docter removed my needle..Then it bled like HELL...Then i went home That night i went to sleep quick...I felt the same in the morning..No Better No worse..For Breakfast i had 2 slices of toaast with vegemite..No butter as im on a lite lite diet..For lunch i had jelly and another peice of toast..For dinner i had chips..Then Because i ate to much my stomach started hurting REALLY BAD!! So 6 hours ago my mum gave me Panadol to stop the pain..It stopped but i still have a bit of diareor..My Stomach Really Hurts now Because I am SOOOOOOO hungry..But i cant eat cos ill get sick again..PLZ HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update 2:

Oh yea and when i do eat..I dont want t eat as it just goes straight through me..

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    You poor thing. I wish I knew what to tell you since I go through this alot and it just has to pass. Did the doctor check your gallbladder?? If not they need to it will cause the same symptoms. I hope you feel better soon. Make sure you drink plenty of liquids so you don't get worse... God Bless..

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    You poor darling. Well I have some good news for you, as I have just been through this rubbish too.

    You must change your diet to a soft vegetarian one initially, until your condition changes. Have melon for breakfast. I had a soup bowl full of cubes. Drink something too like water or green tea. Don't drink milk, try a banana smoothie with soy milk. Don't have any fibre just yet, so have some mashed potatoes, and steamed zuchinni/carrots, and tofu.

    You can expect the diarrhea to stop sooner or later.

    I got help from David Klein PhD in nutrition who is a self healed intestinal disorder. God bless you .

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    Gastritis is inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and can be caused by several things. Most often it's a GI germ that people pass around(by not washing hands) and it causes vomiting&diarrhea. It can last for a few days and the thing to do is treat symptoms. Try taking Zantac to ease the acid production in your stomach, then clear liquids for 12 hrs with very bland food.(dry toast) gradually increase your food intake and rest..If no better within a few days, see your doctor.

    Source(s): CCRN
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