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my PC IP address?

I know about dynamic IP address (the network IP address).but is there another static one 4 my PC?how can i get it?

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    If you need a static IP for a VPN or server try a Dynamic DNS service like They will report your IP address as often as every 30 minute to the Master DNS servers. That way even though you have a dynamic IP address the DNS servers know which once to use to get to your server.

    There are several and NO-IP is a free service.

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    If you are using a router at home, the IP address assigned to your PC is given out by the router, and is not a "real" IP address (that is, it is not unique on the internet). The router uses a technology knowns as Network Address Translation (NAT) so that the router appears on the internet as a single IP address, while you may have multiple PCs on your home network. So, the IP address of your PC as seen by YOU (using IPCONFIG) may be different from your IP address as seen by external servers / clients.

    If your'e NOT using a router, but are directly connected to your ISP (either by dialup or cable or DSL) then the IP address seen using IPCONFIG is the address the world knows you by.

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    you're probable installation a double NAT. this could paintings a great style of the time yet... from time to time this could reason issues. It looks like the modem your ISP offered (or rented) to you is a router and it probable makes use of the comparable selection via fact the router you acquire. in case you had to you ought to turn off the DHCP server on the router you acquire, and plug the cable popping out of your modem into between the LAN ports on the recent router. this could rather turn your especially new router right into a especially new change. despite if that's on the spot your on the spot purchasers will acquire their IP from the router you acquire out of your ISP. this could be confusing, difficult to describe in one paragraph. in case you like greater information enable me comprehend! bill

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    External: Just go to

    Internal: Run ifconfig at a command prompt.

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    if you are running XP/2000 windows OS, simply click START/RUN and type in CMD and press enter.

    type in IPCONFIG -all and press enter...any network adapters will show up with all their information

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