cant open my yahoo mail, why?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    First, you may have accidentally blocked the site.

    Go to Internet Options either in the control panel or from your browser click on tools, Internet options.

    Click on the Privacy tab.

    Make sur the slider is set to medium (or what ever you normally use)

    Click on the "Sites" button and look through the blocked sites and make sure that there are no Yahoo sites and if there are, right click on it and select allow. Then close the dialog box.

    The second place to look, But Click on the security tab. Select restricted sites, then select sites. you will notice that whatever site you are looking at is in the input box, delete it or you will never go there again, either. now, scroll down to see if any yahoo sites are restricted. Make sure that if you allow it that it is spelled right (Not "yahaa" for instance).

    close it up and try it again.

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