patriots' actions?

most of the people backing the patriots are fans. how would you feel if it were the chargers, or colts, or any other of the leagues' elite teams? it may not even end with the spying of signals. there were reports of inconsistant radio frequencies on the patriots side also. do you think more than one player has a radio in their helmet?


where's all the patriot fans? i see them answering the question above this one, but none here.

Update 2:

where's Terry C at? he sure has alot to say with other patriot questions.

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    I don't know but two coaches have said that when they were at Foxboro in the middle of what looked like it could be a scoring drive, their headsets went out. It appears to me the Pats are cheaters and their SB wins are tainted. I hope your team goes out there and beats them in a big way, not only for their cheating, but their unprofessional behavior during the playoffs last year.

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    1 decade ago

    Yet ANOTHER lying, cheating, CRIMINAL in the NFL.

    Now you see why to some taking steroids is ok.

    It now seems to be o.k. for a coach to cheat and DEFINITELY affect the outcome of a game but a player can’t take steroids to affect the outcome of his play and POSSIBLY the outcome of a game.


    If my plan is in agreement with God's plan; the day that Belichick gets inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, and believe me, HE WILL, I’ll be one of the one's that’ll inform them that don't know, that Bill Belichick is a cheater that for the most part, GOT AWAY WITH IT and at the very least that FACT should be known.

    Never mind what he may or may not have done in the past, it is PROVEN that he is GUILTY here and now.

    This proven cheating is the beginning of time and from here to the end of time, Bill Belichick is a coach that got caught cheating and with the help of Commissioner Roger Goodell, has shown that it's ok to be a “CERTAIN TYPE” of criminal in the NFL.

    Consider now the aspersions that will be cast toward the players of all the teams that he’s coached.

    How can the fans and others be certain that they had no knowledge of nor did they willingly participate in the cheating?

    If any of the players knowingly and willingly cheated alongside him, they may THINK that they’ve gotten away with it but the forces of good WILL GET YOU TOO.

    ANNND, I won’t list all the other crimes that players have committed and been found guilty of and are still allowed to play AND NO SUSPENSION.

    Well, at least now we know the criteria to be considered a “BAD PERSON” in the NFL.

    The only taboo seems to be gambling on dog fighting and pleading guilty to torturing and killing dogs.

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    I am not a Patriot fan by any means. And the only people who annoy me more than Pats fans are Jet fans.

    Personally I find all of this funny. Do you honestly think other teams do not do things to get a competitive edge. They just didn't get caught. The one thing that holds true in any sport is people will always lie, cheat, and steal to win, its just the ones who get complacent and get busted that take the heat. But dont think your team has not done anything sneaky at any time.

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    Everyone is making WAY too much of this. I mean, each team watches tape after tape of their opponents before each game. Additionally, I’m pretty sure the NFL provides, or at least allows, overhead pictures of the offensive and defensive set-ups for each team to study during the game. I'm also fairly certain, each team has spies that try to pick-up the other team's signals during the game and scouts that do it even when the two teams aren't even playing each other. ALL Teams are ALWAYS looking for a competitive advantage.

    So it's against the rules to tape the other team's signals...I get it. But for me it's about as egregious as a player trying to get a competitive edge by holding or bumping the receiver too far from the line of scrimmage during the game. Give them a 10 or 15 yard penalty and get on with it…or are we going to begin calling every penalty on the field cheating too?

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    Yeah, maybe the Pats did something wrong, but get real, peeps, you ain't gonna win a game by just knowing what the other team is going to do. Plus it's not like you know everything what they are going to do. The Pats scored 34 points and they executed some plays perfectly. So I think RG charged the coach too much money (0.5 mil) and a first round draft pick next year. They got a good lesson.

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    Bush lied about WMDs and nobody fined him. The Republicans are going to lose a future draft pick though.

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    im a chiefs fan but im still backing the pats. no

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