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Do you think that a coming American attack on Iran is imminent?

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    No I don't: the reason? Because America is tired. Unless something happens like an open attack against America, or one of it's allies, I don't think Congress, who's tired of war and now controls the President, would ever go to war again.

    The President maybe made the speech but, he didn't have anything to do with calling the troops home, the Congress and House did, they put pressure on him to call them back and now, they want them home now, not at his time limits.

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    Not unless Iran does something really stupid like openly attack one of the USA's allies or attack US troops directly. Anything short of that, and Bush can't justify it. I know some people think that if he wants to he will do it anyway, but his credit is not that good. Maybe a few years ago but not now.

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    1 decade ago

    no, not anytime soon anyway.

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