God vs. Allah? who would win?

and don't give me the bs that they are both the same. Because they are not. Here is my proof http://members.aol.com/thetruth/godvs.htm

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    varg huh? fan of burzum and mayhem now are we? and i think theyd kill each other off

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    Your "proof", to the intelligent person, would be more of an indication that while indeed, the jealous, punishing god of Judaism may well be the same as the one of Islam, the Christianity interpretaion is a definite heresy in the long line of Abrahamic religions...

    Now, presuming the Christian god and the Islamic one both indeed exist (which logically contradicts both monotheistic faiths, of course, more so than assuming they're the same), I'd say Allah would take it.

    Seems he at least managed to be clear enough about his intended meaning to merely get two major subsects in Sunnite and Shiite followers, as opposed to the extra-ambiguous loon god of Christianity that now has more different cults than any polytheism in the history of mankind.

  • That website gave me a good chuckle. The primary and overwhelming "proof" that Allah is not Yahweh is that Islam denies Christ's divinity.

    Does that mean the God of the Hebrews (Yahweh) is not the same god Christians pray to?

    Funny, because Christ was a Jew, so therefore your argument is totally without merit.

    Or, should I say that internets article is simple propaganda

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    well,my society's religion is Islam,I've read that page that u said was ur proof,not all of it,but almost...it was strange!I didn't know whole the things(ofcourse may some of them r not right,but it was wonderful!)well,I know muslims,and christians,better to say that my religion was islam,I searched and read about both religions muslims' and christians',but now,I don't believe in ANY religion,'cause all of them have problems,no one of them could ever make me satisfy!I just believe in God,and I think that there's no difference between Allah&God,'cause they're the same with difference in spells and diction.I know some of muslims' ideas are not reasonable,that's right,but GOD is 1,so what's the problem with calling him with whatever word we like?Mohammad had a mission to FIGHT with christians and jews???what for?I think by the passage of time some people had changed our holy book,quran,and even ur holy book,so we can't trust in them completely!!!they're not EXACTLY what God/Allah said!!!God/Allah is 1,in all over the world,and different people love him in their own way...but it makes no difference...the creator is 1 !THAT'S ALL!

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    . Well seeing that God is the only true and living God and allah is a false God it would be like me against the Easter Bunny (yes its not real either) God is the creator or heaven and earth. Sent his son to die for the sins of the world. Satan has used the same trick in the garden for centuries. Doubt God and you will fall into sin and go astray. Don't be deceived Gal 6:7 Jesus loves you and died for you. On the cross he said "it is finished" John 19:30. We need to add nothing to the sacrifice Jesus offered. It is perfect ans will save all who come to him. Please don't reject his gift and die in your sins and go to hell.

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    God is Allah. Its just in the Koran, they call God, Allah.

    It would be like in Vietnamese, God is called Chua.

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    Ithe real one will be sung bout in heaven forever and Moslems don't sing. The real one will have the crowns of the redeemed thrown at his feet

    Yahweh, the God of the Bible forgives sinners to His glory, Allah does not

    Yahweh the God of the Bible calls them His children, Allah is more distant and aloof

    Yahweh, the God of the Bible is the centerpiece and highest treasure and joy of heaven, even many Molsems do not look forward to God in heaven but to virgins and a life in something like a 5 star hotel with their pleasures at the center...

    The real one will be glorified forever by people who glorified God leaning on the work of His Son on the cross, believing for eternal life

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    "Allah" is Arabic for "the god." It is the same word Arabic speaking Christians use.

    Yes, they are the same God, because there only IS one God.

  • 1 decade ago

    The mighty battle of the non-existents!

    Ask about the results of the battle between their lunatic followers - we're still playing that one out in case you missed it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Ah, doesn't 'allah' just mean 'god' in a different language??

  • 1 decade ago

    The King of Kings and Lord of Lords. God

    Source(s): The bible
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