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Ok so I dont get all this cr*p so please could you tell me about it like this




Im not really an idiot I just dont get these at all

what do they mean? what does each of them mean? I dont know what Iam... xxx


But put in your opinions AFTER lol

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    These are the traditional definitions. Most of what passes for conservative or liberal nowadays has little to do with the genuine concepts.

    A conservative looks to the past for inspiration, and believes that society is best served by changing as little as possible. A conservative wants government to be as small as possible, and is against using government to rectify social or economy inequity.

    A liberal looks to the future for inspiration, and believes that societies change naturally and that this change should be embraced. A liberal believes that government can play a positive role in helping to alleviate poverty and social injustice.

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    Have you ever rated something on a scale of 1 to 10? Well, let's do a similar comparison.

    The '1' on our scale will represent the most extreme socialist government, namely Communism. The 'people' own everything (in theory) and the government's job is to provide for the people. If a person is unemployed, the government looks at his skills and finds him a job. The government provides services like health care.

    The '10' on this scale would represent nationalism, or Facism. In a Facist country, the people exist for the purpose of empowering the government. It is an extreme case of 'ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country'. You are literally government property. The government own all the bussinesses, it controls everything and can tell you what to do with your life.

    Communism and Facism are both looked at in very similar ways by a democratic state, but their philosophies are very different. Communism empowers the people, Facism empowers the government. In theory, of course. that you know the extremes of the political spectrum, we can define 'liberal' and 'conservative'. Remember our rating system? Well, a democracy would fall in the middle. In a perfectly balanced democracy, we would be a '5' on the scale of things. That is to say, a democracy balances the need for government power with the need for citizens rights. A liberal would be a 4.5 on this scale. He believes that the citizens should have more rights, and more service FROM the government. A conservative is a 5.5 on this scale. He believes that the government should have more power, and citizens have an obligation to the government.

    This is speaking in general terms. Because America has a two-party system, Democrats are typified by a more liberal stand, and Republicans by a more conservative stand. This isn't always true in the classic sense of the definitions, but usually it's close enough.

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    There is a difference between the liberals that helped break us from our chains in the 18th century, and the liberals of today. If you tried using facts to back up your arguments, we wouldn't call you idiots, instead we would just disagree with you. Why do liberals automatically dismiss conservatives as robber barons one moment, and welfare abusers the next?

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    Both terms stem from one's perspective about how the US Constitution should be interpreted.

    Conservatives believe it should be strictly interpreted, based on stare decisis (prior law) and following the intent of the drafters.

    Liberals believe it should be interpreted as "a living, breathing document" and that the will of the majority should govern Consitutional changes.

    These are the literal meanings. Democrats and Republicans can be either Liberal or Conservative, and so can their candidates.

    Source(s): I say the US Constitution is the best document for peace and equality in the world and we don't need to mess with it. I'm a Conservative Republican.
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    These will probably give you the straightest answer, for a starting point:

    Here's some suggestions to help you define your own important issues and political position:

    -- Make a list of issues that are important to you and prioritize it. Most likely, you won't find a single candidate that you agree with on all issues, so it will help you compare candidates against your most important issues.

    -- 10 question quiz; good info on political positions:

    -- More in-depth quiz; world view of political positions, including US Presidential candidates:

    It's YOUR vote!

    <EDIT... LOL! all bad answer votes... OK, it's Friday, off come the gloves:

    Libertarians prefer to think for themselves and believe that others are capable of doing the same. Often we are dissappointed, but we do remain optomistic. Libertarians are very annoying because they won't adopt an animal to represent their party. Here's what we think of the ones that have done so:

    Republicans (Conservatives) - Elephants:

    -- Platform resembles elephants breeding

    ---- much bellowing, trumpeting and stomping around

    ---- it all happens in high places

    ---- takes about two years to produce any results

    ---- being in their way can be very dangerous

    -- When they crap on something, they really crap on something!

    -- They drink a lot... possibly to forget

    -- Wrinkles!!!

    Democrats (Liberals) - Donkey:

    -- To not make the jackass comparison would be ignoring the elephant in the room... so there it is

    -- Stubborn... yeah, enough on that

    -- It takes great patience to be around them, even more to work with them

    -- The mean ones will kick you in the teeth; the others do it without thinking

    -- It's easier to forgive one, you knew they were an a** to begin with

    To reach a conclusion, sometimes a Libertarian might use a pejorative insult to jump across the broad gulf of generalizations. Generalizations aside though, we tend to equally criticize both sides of standard party lines and we do not like generalizations. That's not to say Libertarians never generalize though. Generally speaking, open-minds can accept us as we are; closed-minds cannot.

    Perhaps what is most disconcerting is that a Libertarian will occassionally be a staunch supporter of a party's issue, but just as staunchly support a different issue of the other party. At best the Libertarian will be staunchly on your side, but only occassionally.

    Have a nice, decaf day! 8-)

    <End Edit..... Bad Answer, this way ------>

    Source(s): I'm a Libertarian, so I'd rather give you some info to help you figure out your position than to give you my biased opinion on this question. Other issues, yes! :-)
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    The "conservative" wing of political affiliation is that party that believes in the accomplishments of "self"...that "people" not big government should be the determinate of our lives. They believe in the Constitution and the documents of the founding father of this Nation as written. They lean away from "socialization" and in it's extreme beliefs, the power of God as the final word on life i.e. pro-life... less governmental controls etc.

    The "Liberal" wing of the political affiliation is that party that believes in big government and that government, not the general population, should be regulated and helped with programs, laws under the banner of "government truly knows best"...They lean to more of a "socialist" form of government and believe in it's extreme forms that Communism and the equal disbursement of property is a fair way to have it's population. The strongly support organizations like the ACLU and strongly revere the "minds" of Hollywood as a vehicle to inform the public. i.e. Michael Moore, Sean Penn, Rosey O'Donnell etc.

    Interestingly... the Symbol of the Republican Party is the Elephant... the animal of close family ties, the largest and strongest land animal with the largest brain and...

    The Democrats symbol is a "Jack-Azz"...go figure.

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    conservative, all money should be kept for rich white guys, not spent on city funding, etc.

    liberal, the government is to give back and help people with disabilities for instance.

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    Conservatives are not ashamed to be American.They look at the big picture

    Liberals don't think for themselves,are generally dropouts,and simply parrot whatever tells them to.They say ignorant crap like "impeach Bush"Being too stupid to realize there are ZERO grounds for impeachment.Facts do not matter to them,only anti-American hatred,without any real knowledge of the world to justify their stance.Liberals get bonus points for hugging the enemies of the US.Conservatives don't hug people who wish to destroy our nation

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    Conservative: War mongering fools who are hypocrites and liars.

    Liberals: Flip-flopping fools who love abortion and higher taxes.

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    Liberals think, conservatives let someone else do the thinking for them.

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