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What's your Favorite...?

Now, if you notice I'm the person who asked the last 3 "What's your Favorite...?" questions a month or two ago. Now I have a different ID and I'll try to make this "What's your Favorite...?" question more fun then before.

1. Whats your favorite type of music?




2. What's your favorite type of friend?


~Gives you Stuff

~Friends Forever

3. What's your favorite way of coloring?

~Crayon or Color Pencils



4. What's your favorite kind of movie?




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    1. I like almost every kind of music

    2. trusted

    3. crayons or colored pencils...depends on my mood

    4. comedy!

  • 1. All of them.

    2. Trusted.

    3. Color pencils.

    4. Romance.

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