where do you get proteins if you are gluten and lactose intolerant?

hate beans and rice + i try to avoid meat cuz it make my breath reek...

are there any say tomato based protein shakes or just fruits and veggies super rich with proteins except beans and rice and corn?

please help! i ask here cuz i see so many gay guys who look rather perfect and i don`t belive all of em are blessed with great health tho they look great anyways hence they got to have some sorta secrets or something?

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    I am lactose intolerant but I drink milk by taking special milk digestant capsules that I get in the health food store (no prescription needed). For extra protein you could add soy protein powder (which I cannot do as I am allergic to soy, I use rice protein powder)

  • 4 years ago

    first of all forget approximately the thought which you fairly desire protein in extra as propounded by using meat industry to spice up their sales by using bribing the scientist. in case you consume balanced vegetarian eating recurring you will get all the amino acids it fairly is needed. remember too lots protein taxes your kidney unnecessarily. Please remember the beef protein is purely 24 % at an identical time as soya beans is forty % and in case you do in contrast to beans and rice you may continuously choose for soya milk or soya cheese (observed as TOFU) on the different hand you additionally can choose for fruit AVOCADO it fairly is rich source of organic protein as nature or god meant us to devour. approximately gay men finding perfect might desire to be they swallow the semen of their companion and semen is asserted to be rich source of protein in accordance to Dr. Fluto who wrote some female with amazonian built by using ingesting semen of her boyfriend oftentimes. The call of the e book is warning: intercourse IS dangerous on your well-being.

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    Tofu and protein shakes.

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    1 decade ago


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    1 decade ago

    Straight from the the tube itself. Man milk, man juice, warm milk, thick milk. You know....... this comes straight from the cock, so you'll have to suck it up my friend and get a good pair of knee pads. This has a lot of good protein and its not that bad tasting.



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