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Will a man feels pitty or really love it......?

when a girl whom he know loves him says that i am waiting for you, i believe you, and will not live if i cannot live with you....will he really like it or get scared. Else continues talking to her just because he dont want her to die, or else he has the place for her and is waiting for the right time...

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    of course he will love it, you are feeding his ego................

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    Hi Frenz,

    Pls tell her the truth if you dun like her or just wanto remain as frenz rather than BGR. It's might be hurt intiually but times will heal. I believe that she will be grateful in near future, woman dun have many years to waste once the youth no longer it's will be worst. If you have interest in her, then y not just give a try it's may work out well...

    Cheers and take care

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    People (m or f ) who start talking about dieing or killing themselves if the relationship fails are manipulating and psychologically a little bit off. But to answer your question he feels both. Reminds me of the old , old time classic song my Dad taught me:

    She wept she cried, she damn near died,

    Oh what could I do,

    So I held her in my arms all night long,

    Just to save her from the foggy foggy dew.

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    it is really scary. most guys will feel ontop of the world and abuse that friendship. but my advice is that you dont hurt her showing your fears, resentment and insulting and treating her badly. talk it over with her and just keep being her friend she will come to trust and respect your feelings.

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    It would freek most men out to be honest wait and see

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    To tell you the truth, i think the guy would feel safe. Safe knowing he can go screw other women, and if it doent workout, he has her as backup.

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    Belle is right..i totally agree

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    some will love it those who have low self esteem will love it but those who dont will be scared away from it

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    if is really serious about the girl he will not get scared.

  • Anonymous
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    I think most men would run. to much pressure for them.

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    1 decade ago

    would probably freak him out

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