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Child Psychology (mental development) question, please see details...?

At what age do children develop skills necessary to solve scrabble-gram type questions?

I'm a little disappointed at results I'm getting for one section of an exam set for 8 to 9 year olds. The subject is English as a Second Language, and students were asked to unscramble three words, 'because, better' and 'behind'. Each word had it's letters scrambled and students had to unscramble them and write the word. Two clues were give (because previous practice test results for this section had revealed that it was tough): we told everyone that each word started with the letter 'B', and a translation was given in the students' native tounge next to each word's blank space.

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    I think those would be fairly complicated words for a 8 or 9 year old whose native language was English. They should be able to unscramble words, but I would try shorter and more simple words. Nouns work well. Also if you do want to use the larger words I would suggest putting the letters for each word on note cards (1/2 of a 3x5 index card works well), and then letting them move the letters around.

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