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Is there a software in computer by which we can play PS2 games?

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    there is software made but unfortunately it is not legal for that use... Sony sued the pants off a little company called connectix for producing a small piece of software called virtual game station back in the days of the original Playstation or PSone. It was a great way to play Playstation Games on a mac or PC... Since that time it has been against the law here in the United States at least to emulate gaming hardware consoles...

    There are Playstation2 emulators out there but you will have to search for them.

    You can also buy Playstation controller to USB adaptors if you want to use the Playstation controller with the Playstation game.

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    i think what you are looking for is a emulator

    ps2 emulator to be exact.

    got this page to download the emulator its free!

    enjoy the game!!!!


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    emulation is easy and can be done by downloading EPSX from a torrent website

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    Support is still limited, but it's going quite well. You also need quite some powerful computer.....

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