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spending too long in college?

I am a Jr. in college but a sophmore in credits...I can't get into the classes that I need because they get filled up too quick...any advice?! this is really frustrating me...

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    For one, always try to jump into registration as soon as it begins (i.e. if it's open at 2 in the morning, be online or in line - whichever, at 2 in the morning). Also, try talking to these professors about the situation - even if classes are "full" according the registrar, often professors are able (and willing) to give course overrides - there may be space for you yet. And finally, consider taking courses out of order; if there are no pre reqs hindering you from taking higher level courses, don't let the designed program hinder you from moving on up and getting that degree

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    The previous responder about summer classes is a good response.

    In our state, the community college offers general credits (not your major courses) that are accepted for transfer. You can also check back and get on a waiting list as some sign up for classes in case they have to retake it (and then drop them depending on their final grade - this leaves slots available during late registration).

    Also, stay abreast of when registration begins and get in early.

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    That happened to me a year ago. What I did was, I went to my college department, and tell them: "Looking, I NEED these classes to graduate on time, I don't have enough money for an extra semester, and these classes are filling up so quickly that I don't even have a chance to register. PLEASE enroll me in the class."

    They would usually do that for you if you are in their major. Also, you might want to talk to the professor to see if he/she would add you too.

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    You could take classes in the summer to catch up on your credits.

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    Take summer classes, take classes somewhere else that will transfer, do whatever other people are doing to get into those classes. I know at my university registration begins at 6am, if you have to get up at 6am one morning to register for classes, do it.

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