Ever had a problem like this?

I've tried several different antivirus systems, but each and every of them reported the same file each time I started scanning the computer for viruses. I embraced different options (deleting, moving to virus vault, renamihng) but that doesn't seem to work at all. It keeps reporting that file. I attempted to find it manually by going to the folder specified and eventually found it. However, when I chose "delete" option it said the file was in use and couldn't be deleted! Ever had stuff like this?

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    1 decade ago
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    well you can't delete any file if it is opened or running. but you can run your computer in a safe mode and then most of malicious files are inactive so your antivirus should work. you can read safe mode tutorial at: http://www.2-spyware.com/news/post232.html

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    Of course i had suffered such a problem before.i still remeber its name" fun.xls".i also tried many antivirus systems but failed.In a desperate state,i turned to "google.com" for help .Many methods did work this time,My PC revived.

    Whatever,the point is not simply the virus or antivirus system,but what we think of both them.you know,antivirus system,a doctor,rather than a useful tool,for this reason maybe the other ppl can be your doctors as well as their useful methods.

    Medicine is perfect only to the right patient.

    So tell us your virus's name first,that is the point:)Then try google or the other search tools,i believe that everything will be OK.

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    Issas exe is Trojan/Backdoor.

    Kill the file issas exe and remove issas exe from Windows startup.

    Download MS04-011 critical update of Windows 2000/XP (835732)

    - Shut down your computer.

    - Pull out the power cable for 30sec

    - Restart your computer in save mode

    - go to Dos promt or Start > run type regedit

    - search for *** and issas (watch out there is a file named lssas.exe (with a "L")

    - remove the "string" named *** and issas.

    - close regedit

    - Goto the system32 folder and search files for files named issas.exe look and the date and remove this file and all the files created on the same time and date in that folder

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    you can delete it in safe mode but it will come back again and again....

    first disable system restore

    1. right click My computer>Properties

    2. click System Restore Tab

    3. check "Turn of System Restore on all drives"

    4. update your antivirus or your spyware remover and make an emergency disk of it

    restart your system and boot from the emergency disk youve just made..and perform a full system scan!!!

    hope this helps ypu


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  • Mike C
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    1 decade ago

    Start the computer in Safe Mode (Keep tapping F8 as computer boots) then navigate to the file and you will be able to delete it.

  • 1 decade ago

    hello myself minaxi from india

    yes i hav same prob n file name is "issas.exe"

    i dont know wat to do plz help me if u get the answer for this


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