My friend is part Japanese and Black. She said Asians are very prejudice agains blacks?

My friend said that when she goes to Japan with her Japanese mother that their family start speaking in their native tongue and she can tell that it is about her. She said that they ignore her and her mother sometimes. She even said that sometimes her mother will visit Japan by herself and leave her back in the states because her mother cant deal with the looks and rude comments the people make about her daughter. Why are Asian women ashamed of their biracial kids. Didn't she the mother know she was sleeping with a black man

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    wow people on here are being so stereotypical! stop generalizing so much. hey why don't we just suggest that all asians hate blacks then? see how stupid that sounds...that's so ***** ridiculous to say!

    and iliana is right. it's not the race as a whole its the individual just being plain...rude.

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    In Japan, black people are the minority and many Japanese never meet them in daily life. I lived in the city has ten thousand population, but had never met blacks. I just met few white English teachers and exchange student from Thai. Because of this, some Japanese has prejudice against foreigners and other races, and sometimes has bad stereotypes. Their prejudices came from the lack of experiences and knowledge about different races and other countries' people.

    This changes between generations. Younger generations do not have so much prejudice against foreigners and blacks because they grown with their TVs, movies, fashions and musics.

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    This is very true. My brother has a daughter by a Korean woman and her mother never could stand my brother. He was never good enough for her. Asians have their own way of life and cultures. They really don't appreciate anyone 'invading' their turf... so to speak. Hawaiins are the same way. Nowhere in their history is there a black presence.

    They are entitled to feel this way though. They do not need our permission. This is minor compared to the 'majority' we have to contend with. Ya know what I mean?

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    Omg.Please don't get Japaneses wrong.Japan is an island country,so there are few foreigners compared with other Asian countries.Therefore people are surprised and confused when they meet them.Its not prejudice but curiosity mostly.

    But I can say there are still people who discriminate against foreigners.But who doesn't!?Even among Japanese,there is discrimination because of the area where you are born.

    The people who said rude comments about your friend and her mother were just nasty not as a Japanese but as a human being.

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    actual, there are purely some. purely as there are purely some white adult males into black women. this is purely no longer what they're interested in. there are hundreds of black women who come onto Asian adult males on Youtube, and Asian adult males are very marvelous, thank them for the compliments, etc. yet they gained't date them. what's fairly unhappy is a few Asian adult males will fairly make video clips asserting how plenty they like black women because of the fact they comprehend they gets MEGA video perspectives for it because of the fact no longer many Asian adult males do this. They make the main of those women for perspectives and get a terrific variety of money from Youtube interior the approach.

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    They do not act that way just to Black people, they act that way with EVERYONE. If you're not Japanese, then you're not good enough. And that's just it. And even their own kind have it the bad way. My friend will tell me how their family would bad mouth them, calling them failures, etc.

    It's just their culture. Which is probably another reason why Asians have the highest suicide rate.

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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    my grandmother is filipina

    i find things to be much worse in Korea but who knows?

    i don't know much but having lived in Japan for several years I can say that it isn't a wonderful thing for people to "race mix" with black people

    I can't say whether this is true or not

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    I'm guess it's the skin color that shocked them. Usually older generations of asian love white skin, you should see the beauty product they sell, it's the total opposite then U.S. Here they want to darken(taning) their skin, over their, they bleach it, laser resurface the skin to look fair. So yeah, Asians in are afraid of dark skin. I have a cousin that's half black and asian. My parents basically refuse to let us become friends, they're ashamed to have a sister who married black.

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    That is what you are wishing. Wishing and reality have nothing to do with each other. The Chinese seem to like the Africans.

  • they dont like the different skin color because its different

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