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Every time I bake cookies lately, they crumble when I try to store them. Any ideas why?

They are fine when they come out of the oven and are placed on the cooling racks, but they tend to break after they have been put into either a cookie jar or a ziploc bag. It's not just one kind of cookie either. Chocolate chip, molasses, mint chip, no bakes, everything.


I live in FL so humidity is definitely a problem, also, it's almost as soon as I take them off the cooling rack that they start to crumble, so I'm not sure if it would be because they are drying out too much, basically they are just getting cool enough that they won't cause condensation in the container.

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    I would check your oven. Make sure it's cooking at the proper temp. It sounds like they're a little over-cooked. They may seem fine while warm, but once they cool off, they lose their elasticity. I pull my cookies out while they're a little under done, just a little less cooked than you think they should be, and leave them on the hot sheet for a few minutes after you take them out . The cookies will actually finish cooking outside the oven, giving you a moister cookie. Buy a thermometer and test the temp of your oven. it sounds like it might be a little hotter than you think.

    Until you can check to see if you're oven is working correctly, try turning the temp down 15-25 degrees. This might even out the discrepancy.

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    Don't take offense to this question--Is your oven clean? Even a small film of baked-on food in your oven can change the temperature, and mean that your cookies aren't baking properly. If you're in a humid area, humidity can sometimes cause this in cookies as well.

    Try putting a slice of white bread in with the cookies (don't eat the bread though! :) ). The moisture in the bread helps to keep the cookies soft. This is what I do when baking huge batches for Christmas time

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    Hi, what I do when baking cookies is, let them bake and when they look like they are almost done right in the middle take them out of the oven. When they cool they will be moist and chewy. They will not crumble this can happen if you bake cookies to long. Hope this helps. Good Luck

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    Try putting a piece of bread in with the cookies when you store them. This will help to keep the cookies soft too.

    The bread will get rock hard, when it does, simply replace it.

    You can also do that with brown sugar to keep it from becoming one big rock of sugar. You don't want to leave same piece of bread in too long, eventually it will mold.

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    hey i think u make sure that the mixture is not to dry n mosit

    but try and put then in a tin with loads of sugar in there i mite help that ,or you could try and weigh u ingredents next time u make them because that could be why they break my cookies have never broke gd luck !!!

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