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what to do?

I can comfirm this girl likes me and the school year is ending soon i wont see her for a month from now.So after the exams i have a few chances to talk to her i also like her but i am very shy thinking of asking her out alone makes me light headed ,queazy and have butterflies in my stomach.And i only get to see her a week before the school ends? 2 months from now for 2 -3 days what should i do? i am starting to get over that fear and i am able to talk to her unlike last time but our conversations are just exchanging aline or 2 with each other

nothing more she is shy too i think the reason i am shy belief is because i didnt really talk to any females for 15 out of 16 years of my life.What should i do?

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    At least you're making an effort to establish some sort of rapport with her. It's good that you've got your foot in the door.

    Slow it down a bit. You don't need to rush things. You want to build on your current relationship which at the moment is just platonic.

    You definitely need to spend more time with her to get to know her more (so that you have more stuff to chat about).

    Can you organise some sort of get-together, a party or just hanging out bowling (whatever you and your friends like to do). Invite her along with your friends and her friends but make an effort to spend time with her on the day, asking her what she likes to do and more personal questions (think them up before hand).

    When you two get to know each other a bit better, ask her if she'd like to do something fun during the hols, (this time, just the two of you). Hopefully it'll be the beginning of a beautiful friendship (and more).

    And start talking to girls ("Hey, did you catch Britney's performance?", whatever, random stuff). We don't bite you know. Good Luck!!

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    Your making an effort and coming out of your "shell" a little more. Thats the first step. Maybe your more nervous due to the fear that you wont be able to ask much longer. If asking her means a lot to you do it, this way there are no regrets. And you wont be thinking about it the whole summer.

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    Wait till you're ready!

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    just talk to her, she will liek it

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