When spackling, should I water down the Spackle to get a thinner mix on the first coat or the last coat?

it seems I should use the thinnest coat for the 3rd coat of spackle. is that right?

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    Thousands of gallons of MUD later, and with no offense meant; The substance in the premix form; which certainly is most common; is prepared at a PROPER consistency foir application; right out of the tub.

    For a DIY I advise a 3 stage application of MUD often, with drying and sanding inbetween coats. For some pros, using HOT MUD it may be applied so that one application works.

    The notion is one I'll analogize. PAINT is also manufactured to a "standard" to THIN it is to disrupt not only the qualities of the substance; but likely dillute the agents added to create the original intent. MUD is no different.

    To dillute MUD is to add to it's dry/set time...Possibly cause sagging...etc. To fill spaces TOO large, with heavy coats of NOT dilluted mud is to risk cracking in the drying process.

    Steven Wolf

    MUD certainly is cost effective enough that I SKIM the tub every time and throw away any that isn't the usual consistency.

    Source(s): 45 plus years as a contractor
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    Spackling is for nail hole filling and small cracks, and should not be thinned. What it sounds like to me is that you are mudding new drywall. For this you use joint compound which if you have bought premix should not be thinned either. It can be stirred prior to use and should be troweled on in thin coats. If you thin these products beyond their premixed thickness's you are reducing its effectiveness. This is why they went to premix.

    Source(s): Handyman for 20 years
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    I've used it for 47 years right out of the tub without thinning, it's made for use. Why are you thinning it?

    I have made my own from time to time when I haven't had the time for running but, it's much easier to use it right out of the tub.

    Source(s): retired contractor 47 years.
  • 1 decade ago

    Don't know, but it does seem like you could get a smoother wall with it that way.??

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  • 1 decade ago

    please educate me, what on earth is spakle.........?

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