i need help with my site so here are my questions:

1. My site is all about a list of anime sites so i need suggestions of anime sites (manga, watch anime only and etc) that allow people to put there sites in another site like mine.

2. I need a software that creates banners that i can use my own image (except Banner Maker Pro) and that uses html code

3. I need suggestions for my site here it is:

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  • 1 decade ago
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    2. you can use software like: flash, photoshop, illustrator... to create banner.

    3. I suggest that you should put some more anime photo, that could make more attractive to customer.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. It's unlikely any site will be displeased at your listing theirs as an anime/manga site worth visiting, (unless your site is an obvious spam site, which i am sure it is not).

    2. software that creates banners is basically just graphics software, any graphics software. But graphics software does not use html code. However you can produce images in jpeg, ping or gif format which can be used on a web page created with html.

    A good freeby that does almost anything you could wish for is the GIMP:

    Go down to where it says "Binaries for various platforms" and pick the version for your operating system.

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