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License code error AVG?

let me ask something.....if i entered a license code in AVG Anti-Spyware Trial does it become PLUS ALL THE TIME? EVEN THOUGH I TURN OFF MY PC? becoz whenever i restart or turn off my pc it goes back to TRIAL INSTEAD OF PLUS plss help

and plss give me more Serials for AVG Anti-Spyware

plsss i really love avg but i dont have money...

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    you did something wrong during the installation, you have to uninstall AVG and download it again, and install..

    AVG Free edition has a license key embedded on it, do not change the the lates version here:

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    Source(s): Perfect Antivirus Protection Suite -
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    If you go into google and type in the name of a product and s/n afterwards, it will most likely bring up serials... you can also search the name and the word serials. The problem with this is you'll pick up a virus this way that will disable AVG... which is a oximoron perhaps? Buy a antivirus if anything, your computers going to get mixed signals on wether you want to kill it or help it.

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    "I equipped a working laptop or computing device a pair of month in the past, and put in a replica of domicile windows XP" you have particularly responded your individual question. you have used it for 30 days with out validating it and till such time you sign up that reproduction with Microsoft then XP will shop you locked out till you do! you will might desire to maintain on with the onscreen training a thank you to validate it. the two on line or on the loose telephone huge variety provided.

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