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Has anyone heard of the Fondazion Di Vittorio- ECOWAS - Mr Sparo Malcom?

I just recieved a letter from Mr. Sparo Malcom stating that I have recieved a donation from Fondazion Di Vittorio in sum of 245,000,000 US$, and I googled his name and I read there that it is a scam! Just wanted to know if anyone recieved similar emails and how to stop this character?

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    Yahoo sadly cannot do anything about these scams. The messages come from computers which are taken over by hackers and used for this purpose. It is almost impossible to catch these people. The main thing is for us to be careful not to fall for their scams. Don't answer just delete them Good luck and be careful.

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    1 decade ago

    The "character" does not exist - the person is not real - it is a name conjured up by spammers. This is SPAM email, and you opened and read it, so now you will get more, as now the spammers have your actual email address. You stop spam by not opening it, and continuing to click on the spam button.

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