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How can i find my talent?

I am trying to find my talent but it is not working so how can i find my talent? i know this is silly but I am trying hard to find it so i can be proud of it..please help!!

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  • Mary
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    Answering your question in an obvious way: Do a bunch of different things and see if you're good at it.

    But really, one can only be called "someone with talent" when compared with others with lesser talent. We all have certain degrees of talent, but its just those who seem to have it better off initially who're called "talented."

    You're asking this question because you think you're not exceptional at anything you've tried till present?

    Instead of searching for that "unknown talent" without result, why don't you find something you're interested in, so you can build your skill? That time will be better spent than worrying if you really have an "something."

    People say I'm talented because I draw well (kind of). Its just because I spend those leisurely minutes drawing away, that I have become good. To me, drawing is fun. I like to see myself improve. Thats why I go to this section, to see other people's art. :D And compare myself, ridiculously.

    I think you'll be more proud of the result you get from a long, arduous, yet satisfying journey to seek an ideal state in your interest, than a long, arduous journey to find a shortcut.

    After all, they say fortune smiles on the brave. It takes courage to take the path of struggle, for a distant destination.

    Bon voyage.

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    Keep trying different things that you enjoy. And remember, there are no shortcuts! Even when you find a talent you will have to work, work, work for years and years before you become an expert!

  • joe
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    There are degrees of talent, some are hidden within us, there lies the fun in trying out different pursuits, and developing those we enjoy and get satisfaction from.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Do subjects you think that your talent will be in and then see if what you are doing in that subject is considerably superior and stands out conpared to other peoples work. If it is and you enjoy it develop your skills in that subject further.

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    you need to define talent first. does it mean you are naturally good at something right away or does it mean you have practiced and developed a skill. whatever it is its something you have to work at and put time and energy into.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    be good at any sport at school and your classmates will slowly be recognized by everybody

    Source(s): exp at school
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