Finally I found true love .. isn't it too late 4 that??

There is a guy that I used 2 like 4 four years.. his cousin used 2 love me (his my X)and his best friend 2... the one I like he got engaged to my best friend.. I did never show him that I like him once... he left my friend cuz he don't love her but she does.. they got engaged bcuz she adores him and he thought that she's better than alot of girls.. he asked me 2 go out as we usually do but that time we had a move we were at night sitting on the beach we kissed and he looked at me saying (I LOVE U) from the 1st day I saw u and I want u not anybody else and I couldn't come and tell u so before cuz of everything.. I don't want 2 know anybody else.. ""will u marry me""... I want him to but the problem is my friend his friend and his cousin my parents his parents... but finally the guy I like came to me. he wants 2 do anything for me just 2 get married. I dunno what am I suppose 2 do. to stay with the one i always love him or my best friend and for his friend and his cousin.


P.S: I dunno anything about the guys or my best friend from a while.. he's the same except his cousin...

what do u thing to get married or 2 end it up...???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I think to make a good decision. First, just stop meeting those two guys 1 week , dont forget to tell them the reason that you want to have time to make the decision and you will be back later. During this one week that you free from them , dont meet other guys but just meet with your female friends. At that time , you can have time to think who should you marry with and who you really love. I think you should marry with the guy who you really want him and love him. During this time i think you can make a good decision. Due it is a quiet invironment from the man so you can know what is black and white. good luck.

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    Tell him that if he is really interested in hooking up, he will have to break up with your friend and you with his cousin for awhile. Tell him that after awhile you can start going out. In the meantime, you can see each other in a location where no one knows the two of you. This would save face and save grief for everyone concerned.

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