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How do u think this world was created?

Was is because of the big bang or else was it the God's creation.

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    The earth was created in physical reality and on a massive scale, universal, galactical, solar system, then planetary.

    The "world" is a creation of our own collective mental capacity. The world is a universal concept which is not a part of physical reality. The world exists metaphysically as an extension of the physical earth.

    The only involvement God shares is also as an extension of our minds to imbue that concept into the collective universal whole.

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    Eventhough I believe in God , the explanation of the Bible about how the world was created is completely irrelevant . A more logical and scientific explanation is the one of cosmology and nuclear physics , who claim that the Big-Bang theory created the Univers . Acording to it primary assertion is that the universe has expanded into its current state from a primordial condition of enormous density and temperature.

    But the Bible for me is a great metaphor , like any other religious writting . The Big Bang in the Holy Book probably could be considered the power of God , due to the enormity of power . So the two theories could be reconciliated .

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    gods creation

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