OK, IF A GUY does THIS DOES that MEAN that he LIKES YOU????

ok, if a guy asks for your aim and myspace. Then you give it to him, then he always IM's you first when you get on AIM. Then, he asks for your number and says that you guys should hang out sometime. and does stuff like that?

does that mean he's at least interested?

(we're in our mid teens btw)

oh, and he also text messages you and stuff

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It sounds like he's interested if he's constantly contacting you. But it could be that he's testing the waters with you. The next time he says that you two should hang out sometime, you should call his bluff and say "OK when?" and go from there. Guys are really insecure by the way, especially a teenage boy, so it may take him a while to get the courage to ask you out. By the way, I'm not sure if you ever meet face-to-face or even talk on the phone. It sounds like it's only been online and text messages. Next time he IMs you, tell him to call you on the phone.

    That is, if you're interested in him. If you're not, then by all means, don't encourage him! Good luck!

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