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Why is my Black Mollie fish trying to hurt/kill my new female dalmation mollie?

I know the new dalmation fish is a female because I just watched it have babies last night. But the black male mollie fish which is pretty much the dominate one in the tank, keeps chasing it around and biting it. It is paired up with my yellow female mollie in which they have had about 3 batches of babies. My tank has so many babies now, at last 20 black babies, and 2 yellow/black mixed ones. I just don't understand why a male would want to injure a female. I don't think I've ever seen a male do that, unless it was another male.

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    it may be territorial with the lack of space from the many babies in the tank or it could just be a badly tempered fish. my male dalmation molly always picked on my female and other fish in the tank eventually killing one of my guppies

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    Mollies always get the "community tank" bill but I have always found them aggressive. I have a pair in my 10gal tank and I'm considering moving them to my 29 gal because the chase so much.

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    I as quickly as owned black mollies. I discovered they like brackish water (a sprint salt added). It makes them greater healthful and that they stay longer. regardless of the undeniable fact that, many different fish do no longer purely like the salt. you ought to examine up a sprint greater on that till now you are trying it. As for different fish, maximum different community fish will do precisely advantageous with your mollies. Swordfish have been a number of my favorites.

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    some male mollies can be territorial or feel threatened by the other fish. I say have them in separate tanks.

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    maybe sha laid eggs and shes protecting them the male usually eat the eggs, females become aggressive when their protecting the babies.

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