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Am i being over-sensitive and selfish?

Alright, i've been told by my girlfriend that ,im a very very very selfish person. Just because i don't really like having my buddies to be present while im with her ,im afraid being left out while she was talking to some of my good buddies. So for example: dinner/lunch/breakfast , i would either be with my Girlfriend Or my Buddies individually without third parties.i won't even think of asking my buddies out, when im with my gf. Am I over-sensitive and selfish? i just hope someone out there would probably help me out with this. Shes my second girlfriend, so im not really good at managing my relationship. I Am not over-sensitive/selfish person before involving a relationship, maybe yes but not as much as who i am now.* every answer is greatly appreciate* Sorry for my bad grammer.

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    Favorite Answer are going to have to spend time in mixed company at some stage without getting all weirded out about it. You can't keep her locked up and only take her out on special occassions. You seem to be very insecure. You need to get over this and work on having a happy healthy relationship in all kinds of surroundings which includes all kinds of people.

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    I think you are not selfish, it just the way you are. I think there are many people who have the same way just as you do. So dont worry. I can imagine that. If you want to change , just open mind a litttle bit more. Change what you thinking right now. And just try to do it once and let see if you like it or not. If you found that when you hang out with your gf and also with some other friends make you feel not happy then just stop. Nothing wrong. If people ask you then you can say you dont like it that way, but it doesn't mean you are selfish.

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    Why do you and your mom ought to stay in that small city interior the direction of nowhere devoid of centers. It seems such as you are the time-honored caregiver of your mom. What prevents you from moving your mom nearer on your loved ones? Will or no longer this is hard? sure. regardless of the undeniable fact that it is not impossible and you are able to guard your mom and be nearer on your loved ones and friends. It would not aid you on your birthday this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. regardless of the undeniable fact that, it will aid you for the destiny. I understand the place you're coming from. My mom is eighty 4 and is going by using a 2d early existence...and not in a sturdy way. I actually have a 2 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous granddaughter who keeps to be with us approximately 4 days a week. and each so often it truly is greater handy to have the two 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous persist with straightforward training than my mom.

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    You have every right to spend time with your buddies, alone. She sounds controlling, like a lot of females. Tell her you will see your friends and her on your terms. Don't let her push you around.

    ** You don't have to change for anyone.

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    i think that there is an element of sensitivity inyour actions but definitly not selfish.

    try include every1 from time to time but the alone times are essential coz 3rd party stuff those have its negativ aspects.

  • do a favor just go out with your gf and ur buddies sometimes to show her that ur not selfish..

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    You need to take a step back with your emotions and start being less possesive. It might make her leave you. Decide if she is the one and if you are willing to change for her.

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    Your girl should give one of your "buddies" a special treat just to teach you a lesson.

    If it was me I'd get you drunk and do your friend as you slept

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