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What is the atomic number of stupidium?

...for those of you who don't know, it's the metallic element that makes the skull dense.

Serious answers only please.

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    The atomic number for stupidium is 81.5. That puts it is the mysterious WTF category of the periodic elements, right between thallium and lead. Its Abbreviation is STU.

    Coincidentally, 81.5 is exactly the same as George Bush's IQ.

    Scientists are mystified by this unusual element as it defies standard molecular theory. It seems to be one half an electron over brain-dead thallium, and just a little lighter than lead. Curiously, this too emulates the intellectual characteristics of the American president and 28% of American voters..

    Today, quantum physicists are facing the uncomfortable possibility that the universe actually changes the laws of physics as it evolves. The mysterious nature of Stupidium and its peculiar correlation to Bush's brain have them worried. They are not sure if stupidium was manufactured in a secret government lab as part of a false flag operation, or if it developed naturally in response to the American apathy toward thinking.

    Another theory states that stupidium is an inevitable product of watching television . There is some empirical data to support this notion, particularly when the victims are addicted to sports, especially football. Scientists have now proven that people watching TV have less brain activity than when they are asleep. Those who watch football are transformed into mental zombies, who yell for no reason and roam the night trying to satisfy their carnal lust for chicken-wings and beer.

    Unlike most zombies, football zombies hate brains, either as a food or a device for ratiocination.

    No matter where it came from, it is dangerous. Stupidium is pernicious and seems to be gaining mass, especially in right-wing republicans and religious factions all over the world.

    There are warning signs to alert you when you might be in the presence of Stu-radiation. The EPA has posted this partial list:

    Multiple televisions inside a restaurant that serves alcohol.

    Cheering loudly at images of steroid-ridden goons running into each other.

    "In God We Trust" license plates.

    "Bush / Cheney" bumper stickers.

    Any newscaster that uses the expression "fair and balanced."

    Hoards of undead chicken-wing eatin', beer-guzzling Nascar-watchin' zombies.

    If you notice the presence of any of these warning signs;


    Instead, calmly notify your local Haz-Mat certified fire-department. They can be reached toll-free at 1-800-UR2-DUMB. Stay near the scene and describe the signs. If the trained operator tells you to, run for your life!

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    Obviously it's 42, since the answer to everything is 42. It has become the most abundant element on earth. Scientists are still trying to figure out what will happen when it reaches critical mass.

    Doug is incorrect. It differs greatly from unobtanium, especially in its most prominent property, its abundance.

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    The answer is Zero - and heres why - it takes 0 brain cells to be stupid. Cudos to Doug and Sheila, loved your answers

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    It's √-1 , and it's characteristics are very nearly the same as unobtanium ☺


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    The best question i have ever seen

    And the best of answers too

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    minus infinity (-∞) , though after seeing some of the questions and answers on here it should be plus infinity (+∞)

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    Serious answers are possible for serious questions. But when the question is not serious, how can the answer be serious?

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    I don't know, what's your birth date?

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    Your mum.

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