How can I stop my 5 year old son from always asking people to buy him things?

He's got a 2 year old sister whom he's very jealous of. We give the boy a lot of attention and plenty of affection and have never spoiled him. Regardless of all the efforts we've made he still will whine for hours (literally) to get a new toy or some candy. When he acts this way we try never to cave in. I just don't get it how he's become this way and am frustrated because nothing I try seems to change this annoying trait of his.

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    I have a 5 year old too (who also has a 2 year old sister aswell) When he we go out somewhere, I tell him just what we need to buy and what we WON'T be buying (sweets, toys, etc) so when he asks for something I just tell him, "No, remember what we said, no sweets today" This seems to do the trick.

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    Yoy obviously spend hours saying no to him and getting annoyed with him, where eactly is the problem with showing him some affection, if he cant get what he craves emotionally then he needs it in some other form such as in gifts.

    This Guy was clearly numero uno until his sister appeared when he was 3, he was old enugh to realise he had been shunted aside in you affections, it is a horrible feeling when your folks dont care anymore, I've been there done that, so why not do something real special for the little guy, show him you care, you have sent so mch more ttime with the sister, feeding changing, daipers etc while ignoring the boy that it is not surprising ou got in this mess. If you dont get a better atttude he could find someone who dos offer affection like a paedophile or get his toys by stealing. How much is a Toy $3 is the little guy worth that little to you.

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    The best advice I can give you is to never give in. If he wants something have him save up some of the money. He's old enough to do simple things around the house, let him earn money that way. He can put dishes (empty) on table or counter, pick up toys, watch his sister while you're on the phone.

    To have him want to play with his sister tell him that he can babysit her while you're on the phone or whatever to earn some money. Its a bribe but he might actually like it eventually.

    Ask someone who he loves stop by just to see him and spend time with him. Maybe they can take him out for a big boys day. That doesn't have to be anything fancy, lunch at McDonalds, time in playland or a nearby park.

    Or once in a while just ask him if he'd like to pick out something before he says anything. Maybe he'd like a candy just out of the blue, maybe he'd like some ice cream for breakfast or lunch one day. Just do little surprises to show him he's special but make them things that sister can't do. So it shows he's doesn't have to resort to whinning for things.

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    suitable now the an prolonged time of the youngsters possibly actual greater handy. the three 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous would possibly no longer actually have a clue with what is going on, however the 5 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous will. this is least difficult to surprisingly lots be as straightforward as achievable along with his infants. State it in words that they might understand. "Mommies and Daddy have desperate that we purely like residing by ability of ourselves. we adore you the two so very lots...." If he desires help he would desire to ask some questions of a youngster psychologist. they can supply him super suggestion or maybe possibly suggestion on how he can help his infants with thoughts of abandonment.(this seems the quantity one feeling for that age group). Remind your chum that interior the presence of the youngsters he shouldn't in any respect ever say something adverse approximately their mom. His words will effect them greater now than in the event that they have been older. If something shop any statements made approximately her as wide-unfold as achievable and short and candy. For you chum I choose him good fortune. Any marriage with babies that wreck up is truly unhappy.

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    well..when his sister receives a present or a thing....i think he should also receive something big as hers..this could be a rule even for adults...when one of the adults receives a present his spouse /mother etc...must receive smth of the same is a moral and obejective situation .

    but if the kid wants more..and daily you musn't is normal ..of common sense...if you lived in a forest..there were no shops around..he wouldn't ask you to buy toys for daughter used to ask me to buy her this and this when she was around 5.yo.because they have no reason...they don't know you have to pay for it...they hardly understand the this age..they just see and is a good thing , in fact..i was poor when she was 5 y.o..but i bought her a lot of toys..and she received toys..her room was full..then growing she lost interest for toys ..other times..i didn't buy her toys for long periods..saying we don't have money, then i realised that she is a child and i bought her what she wanted....imagine that one day..when she was around 8-10 i bought toys for her..because i liked them, although she didn't ask for them..and i say..perhaps for kids the toys are more expressive then for adults ..the way the toys were to me..when i bought them..just because i liked them..not my if we don't but the toys when she asks for them..when will we buy them..when she will be a teenager?yes..a child , seeing shops ..can ask you daily to buy him grandmother used to let the kids was after war..and they didn't have money to buy what they should let them home ..or be prepared to buy them something....if you don't have money to buy the most expensice thing they something less expensive...and day..a cartoon network will be enough to them..

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    I give my kids an allowance if they want something they can save up. Or tell them to ask Santa,birthday etc.

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