what are docking stations for laptops and is necessary and what is a good inexpensive one?

just bought a dell inspirion 1520 need to know if a docking station is necessary?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Docking stations are used for connecting a normal size monitor,keyboard and mouse while laptop is closed. Dosking stations are used for the larger monitor and keyboard usage. may other features can be use to connect to your laptop. The reason most people in business use them is for the ease of taking a laptop home, then using it in a docking station at work when using a larger monitor and normal size keyboard without having lug around these once you leave the office. then you go portable.

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    If you have to ask what a docking station is for, you don't need one. I have been using laptops for years, and never bothered with a docking station (I think they are another money maker for the computer manufacturer). If you have to attach many peripherals, get a 4 or more port USB adapter. Lets see, if you wanted to use an external mouse, external keyboard, printer, scanner, and and external drive, you are looking at 5 USB devices, so a $10 USB hub would give you the 5 USB ports you need (assuming your laptop only has 2 USB ports). Or you can spend a couple of hundred $ for a docking station.

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    If you intend to attach lots of peripherals like a printer, external keyboard, scanner etc then a docking station would be useful as you attach all the cables to this. Your laptop basically sits on the docking station on a connection with no or minimal cables attached directly and when you want to take the laptop away you just unlock it and don't have to spend loads of time unscrewing cable connections.

    As for price they vary dependent on the make of the laptop as you will have to get one that is compatible

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