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Marc Bolan died 30 years ago today, was he an inspiration to you?

Much repect to a great pop icon, I will never forget his influence on my life from an early teenager right through to adulthood, he influenced me to play the guitar and over the past 30 years my life has been enriched by both his influence and my ability to play his and many more songs to the public, without him I would have never done it.

A true Icon and sadly missed by someone who appreciated the way he and many other artists from that period brightened up our lives, unlike some of the souless crap that say they were inspired by him nowadays.

RIP Marc Bolan, Phil Lynott, Freddie Mercury,

(Don't take any notice of my avatar its not really me)


Oh Dear nobody in America has heard of T-REX?

I wish I could say the same of The Osmonds & The Partridge Family

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    I echo your sentiments entirely Shazzzzzz, he was a hero to me too. Actually the anniversary of his death is sunday 16th

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    Kirk Covain Patsy Cline Stevie Ray Vaughn Marvin Gaye Ronny Van Sant Sid Vicious Hank Williams Johnny funds June Carter it quite is merely to call some happy you published this question to help us keep in mind them alll!

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    all i know is freddie mercury, and hey did he died? never knew that if then RIP

    and who's marc bolan anyway? just RIP to him

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    Marc who?

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    hate to be crude, but have no idea who you are talking about.

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