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Is it bad to rinse your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide?

I rinse my mouth out once a day with hydrogen peroxide because it makes your teeth whiter. It is less expensive to use and it works. Would you say this is safe?

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    Nasty tasting stuff but it shouldn't hurt you as long as you don't swallow. If you get the listerine whitening pre-brush rinse it is basically peroxide and certainly tastes much better.

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    Yes it's bad because your weakening and wearing down your teeth by exposing them to pure hydrogen peroxide. Try just mixing baking soda with a toothpaste containing hydrogen peroxide instead.

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    H2O2 is fine to rinse with, but I would suggest diluting it. You will have some fizzing but I would not expect a funky taste and no stink. Good luck

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    my dentist said it was bad to rinse every day with peroxide. I don't know why.

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    I'm not a doctor or dentist, but I do that myself. I believe it is safe, but best thing to do to be sure is ask a doctor or dentist. My opinion is that it's fine and won't hurt you.

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    It won't hurt you but could damage your teeth in the longer term.

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    Yes, it IS safe.

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    yes, it's safe. it also gets rid of infection.....but i can't believe you can stand the're a brave one!!!

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    yes its safe

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    This is safe as long as you do not swallow any of it...

    I use it too...

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