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Do you think you are environmentally responsible? Why?

Are you Green? Do you live a green lifestyle? Do you make environmentally responsible choices? Why? What motivates you to do this? Fear or choice?

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    I have tried to be green for a long long time, but unfortunately I don't always have the resources to make the perfect choices. For example, I cook using gas, and I ride a motor scooter and etc.

    I wish there were better options, but as yet there are not. I've never owned any Solar Panels, because they are too expensive, and I don't own my own place, people steal them, etc.

    What motivates me to 'try' is the idea that we are all mortal, and there must be SOME legacy left behind, a tree planted here or there perhaps, something I've done to make my world a little better, changes made, just because I was once here, and I feel it offers me some immortaity. That makes me proud.

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    I think it was Business Week that had an issue featuring the Top 20. Starbucks is one that I can remember. I know that many Costco's are doing acres of Solar Power, generating 75% of their operating power. Whole foods (too obvious?), Richard Branson (Virgin Airlines and now Virgin Fuels), and Toshiba (takes responsibility for end-of-life product management and ensures that all new products undergo environmental assessments. Toshiba has developed energy-efficient products like refrigerators, TVs, vacuums and air conditioning units, and has adopted lead-free soldering in most products. The company built the world's first prototype of a small hydrogen fuel cell for portable PCs. 2005 performance: 60%) just found that. I love Burts Bees, Whole foods, and my two Toyota Hybrids. :0) Toshiba source listed... has 9 other companies listed, many not USA.

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    I have no idea what a green lifestyle is. I consider my self a conservationist, but would strongly object to being called an environmentalist. Most environmentalist I know are more interested in advancing a social agenda that involves eliminating technology and creating a massive government bureaucracy to control every aspect of our lives. A better name for these people would be neoluddites or simply socialists. Examples of this are:



    Al Gore

    The Green Party


    etc, etc, etc

    Conservationists on the other hand believe in the wise, managed and sustainable use of all natural resources, including plants, animals and minerals.

    My conservationist lifestyle includes:

    Purchasing 20% of my household electrical needs from renewalbe sources, primarily wind power

    Recycling pretty much everything I can, plastic, metal, paper, yard waste.

    Living close to work (4 miles) to minimize my driving.

    Using mass transit when ever I need to travel longer distances (I would use it to get to work, only it doesn't exist where I am).

    I have CFL bulbs in most of my lights. And I installed a system to pull cool air out of my basement in the summer to reduce my air conditioning. I also keep my house temperatuers at 75F in the summer and 68F in the winter.

    I only water my lawn when it really needs it.

    My house is surrounded by deciduous trees that shade it in the summer but allow the sun to come in during the winter.

    I have double glazed windows and double doors.

    The house is well insulated.

    I buy a hunting and fishing license every year, sometimes in more than one state. Also federal and state migratory water fowl stamps. Some of the moneys from these purchases go toward wildlife management, habitat maintenance and other programs intended to preserve game animals in the wild.

    I do all of this for two reason.

    1) I want to keep the good things in the world around for my enjoyment (this includes keeping game animals around for me to hunt).

    2) Most of these things actually save me money so that I have more to spend on things I like.

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    NO. & you have to blame the government. They are the ones who REFUSE to give me the tax breaks that I need so I can live properly. I am over taxed so there fore I can not afford to buy one of those so called hybred cars or buy so called green electric (Which cost more than Coal generated electric) My car only gets 12 miles to the gallon of gas, But it is paid for. There fore I would not be able to afford to make so called car payments on a Hybred or any other newer car.

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    i dont think im totally environmentally responsible and i dont think 99% of this population is but then yet again we're human, we're not suppose to be perfect. for me i try to live a more eco-friendlier lifetstyle and what motivates me is to prove u dont have alot of money and u dont need a huge makeover in your lifestyle to be environmentally friendly.

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    Yes and Be Yes I'm Green!I believe in respecting nature, she's our mother, she nurtures and we must respect her.I do make responsible choices maybe it's because I'm studying environmental geography.I love my course, it's fulfilling and I choose to act responsible towards nature, it's not a fear.

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    We do our best. At home we recycle, we've replaced all our appliances with energy efficient ones, we open windows instead of running the air conditioner, we've replaced all our lightbulbs with the compact fluorescent thingies, and we've removed the water-guzzling bluegrass in our yard and replaced it with natural native landscaping that is happy in the climate without the need for constant irrigation. I traded in my V8 truck for a fuel-efficient 4-banger.

    At work we've instituted a company wide green policy which is making a huge difference.

    And I've testified AGAINST coal power at our local utilities board.

    There is still a great deal of denial about climate change, pollution, etc., but we are making progress one person and one attitude at a time!

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    Belladonna, very few people are environmentally responsible. In oder for people to be, they need to change their lifestyle. And, people don't want to do that because they'd actually have to CHANGE something in their lives! They are LAZY. And, they fear CHANGE.

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    I'm as green as I can be.

    My responsibility falls under trying to get others to turn green.

    good luck

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    Yes, because i cared to my environment.

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