Is there a safer way to build a coil gun?

Is there a way other than using capacitors? I want to build one without the risk of electrocuting myself. Or is there a risk free way of using these capacitors?

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    The answer is no, to both parts of the question, for a coil gun worthy of the name.

    One could demonstrate the principle with rather safe voltages, perhaps even directly from batteries without capacitors, but one will not get particularly high velocities. But if a demonstration is all you want, and don't care if the projectile might not even make it across the room, then, sure, you can use low voltages.

    One can reduce the risk of high voltage to an acceptable level by using due care, but "risk free", no

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    The two great laws of electronics are:

    V=IR and

    "Keep one hand in your pocket." ☺

    The trick with a rail gun is to dump a --huge-- amount of current through an inductor and thereby generate an impressive magnet field which then accelerates the projectile. Ther just isn't much of any other way known to get large currents than to use large voltages and low resistances (Ohms Law ☺)

    Just be careful. It doesn't pay to be afraid of high-voltages. But you don't ever want to lose a very healthy respect for them either.


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    Not really a coil gun anymore but i have seen them made out of magnets. Even this is still dangerous so be careful.

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