Refresh Rate Problem...?

I have a problem with a game - Heroes of the Pacific

The game picks up the refresh rate completely wrong - 240Hz

My problem is that the game cannot be set to a lower refresh rate... I went to look in the display properties and Windows is obviously picking it up wrongly. I have resolutions that go sky high. And in Advanced properties there is refresh rates listed up to 200Hz.

I have tried hiding the unsupported resolutions with the nVidia control panel; I have also tried adding a custom mode. Alas, there is nothing that works it seems...

Could this be a Windows XP bug? The monitor is a 17" Sansui

Any help?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    well is there anything in the game pack itself that do it automatically, usually there is safe mode runners or autoconfig guides or the like...

    another thing you may right clcik the game exe file under program files and try to set it for a lower compatibilty category than Win XP try for example Win 98 or 95

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