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Can you give me one solid reason why I might be wrong on this?

I agree with Yahoo's "guidelines", but when Yahoo knowingly neglects to validate FALSE VIOLATION REPORTS they are also assisting those "hall monitors" in the illegal practice of denying us our "Freedom Of Speech". We have the right to disagree with another Yahoo member, but if he/she does not agree with the point of view of another, like a child they "cry wolf" by violating us. Yahoo should know better(and they do)they also run a News section as well as a gossip column. But it's a lost cause with Yahoo because they are a multibillion dollar corporation. Chevron Mobile Profited over 10 billion dollars in one year and the news only covered it for maybe one day because they realised you're better off keeping your mouth shut when it comes to a conglomerate like Chevron Mobile, oh and Yahoo as well. Tough to win against a rich hypocrite.


Thank you guys. I guess this was just my way of venting. But I can tell you do understand my point of view-you shared with me some very intelligent and reasonable information why I am actually "wrong on this". I thank you again.

Update 2:

I give you both a thumbs up!!

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    Yahoo can not deny you your freedom of speech... you can still say whatever you want, but if you want to use yahoo's network to speak your mind, you do so under the stipulation that Yahoo can remove your posts from their network for any reason or for no reason. there is nothing stopping you from forming your own network where you make all the rules, so you still have your freedom, regardless of what yahoo does with your posts.

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    you aren't guaranteed Freedom of Speech on Yahoo, or any computer site or system. (or in your local newspaper, for that matter)

    to have the right extended to computer communication, you have to get a case into a Federal Appeals court, or the Supreme Court and get them to say that the Freedom of Speech clause applies to computer communication.

    that is not so much a matter of being rich, as having a case that a lawyer things is arguable - that he or she thinks has a basis in law and is potentially winnable. Or you can become a lawyer, and argue it yourself.

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    Any falsehood in business is wrong.And cover ups are worst.But none of us can run the companies because we are not in charge.The little people have good ideas.But getting the management to listen is next to impossible.It is almost like we are speaking another language.

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    They own the system. Since Yahoo Answers is allowing you to use their services, there is nothing you can do. Free speech does not extend to the private sector.

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    id love to say what i think to many questions but dont bother cos in the past i have and got reported, its so stupid

    but i really enjoy watching other people say what they think!

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    I agree with you...They are acting as Big Brother!

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