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I operate a radiopharmacy that supplies nuclear medicine for most of western KS. Recently, a fire inspector told me I need to put placards outside the building to show that there are radioactive materials within. His concern is that fireman will need to know if something happens here. But I have submitted diagrams and MSDS's for everything in the building. In this time of terrorism, and talk of "dirty bombs", it doesn't seem too smart to advertise the contents of our building. We have kept the site very inconspicuous for this reason, there are no hints as to what goes on inside. Once, a false alarm on site took police 35 minutes to respond, which is bothersome, I was out of town. It seems I'll have to take this argument to city commission to overrule his order. I was wondering your thoughts on this situation. Should we protect the fireman, or risk the remote chance of some form of terrorism?

P.S. I have nothing against fireman, I think I would be one if I wasn't doing this gig

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    Do as the fire inspector says. The threat of terrorism is not nearly as likely as the possibility of fire. If you're really that worried about terrorists, get a good safe and post an armed guard on the premises 24 hours a day.

    Think about it. If a terrorist is targeting your place for a break-in, what is the chance that he found out about the materials in your place by walking by and seeing a sign? It would be much more likely that a terrorist would get your address from a shipping invoice or company records of the company supplying the materials.

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    This is a good question, as it shows both viewpoints. I would say definitly take it to the commission, as you raise a very legitimate concern. While the firefighters need to know what they are dealing with, the general public does not.

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