Recommended @ the board, Now what?

My husband went to the promotion board for E-5 and was recommended for promotion (Army, btw). Now we are trying to figure out what is next, what is happening, what's the process. He has signed the 33-55 and now we are just waiting to see what happens next. Anyone who actually knows and is not just guessing, please fill me in on the process.

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    It depends on several things.

    Does your husband have enough points for promotion for his MOS? If he does, he will get promoted usually at first of the next month. If he does not have enough points, he will be placed into a promotable spot, simply waiting till he earns some more points.

    He will go to PLDC. PDLC (Now called the Warrior Leaders Course I believe) is/was 30 days long. In this school, they teach how to run PT sessions, use Army FMs/TMs, get taught skills for leadership and do a short field problem in which the mantle of leadership is placed on diff. shoulders. T

    I have known some units to promote to Corp. or even to Sgt. once they have completed the board, regardless of promotion packet papers.

    Keep in mind, they have changed a few things since I was in (Left Army in early 05), but the basics remain. He passess board and his points are added up. If he has enough to get promoted he will, if he does not, he will wait until he does.

    Source(s): 7 year Army vet, last 2 years worked in Battalion S-1 shop esp. on promotion packets
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    Sixtymm is correct. If he has enough points he'll get promoted 1 Nov. If he doesn't he'll wait till either he gets more points or his points drop.

    To check out what the points will be for 1 Nov, he needs to check out HRC online. They usually post the points by the middle of the month prior. Additionally they publish a by name list.

    I'm not one to bash other NCO's but his fist line supervisor should have explained this all to him. If he has additional questions he should ask a NCO in his plt.

    Source(s): Company 1SG
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    His points will activate in November. I suggest he not get flagged until he's been promoted.

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    is he in a promotable slot. if his spot in the unit toe is an e-5 slot, then he may be sol.

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