I have been getting red patches of skin... lupus?

I recently asked a question about lupus. I know you can get rashes. but I have been getting red patches of skin that are dry and have a scab over them. but there has been no trauma to the skin. I still haven't gotten my results back from my arthritis blood tests. I think when I go back to the doctor I will ask if I can get the blood tests that show symptoms of lupus. ( I know there is no specific test for lupus) but anyway, the red patches of skin with scabs (flaky, peeling skin) does this happen with lupus?

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    Jen, In all my years with Lupus, I have almost every rash imaginable, to sun exposed skin and non exposed skin. Yours sounds almost eczama like. which in and of itself is an autoimmune disease, and I spent half my childhood walking around with. so yes, rashes of all types, fall into the Lupus critera.

    I do think avoiding any sun is a good idea, Also they may want to biopsy that area, and other areas where you may have open sores or a butterfly rash (along bridge of nose along to cheecks.

    As far as blood tests to show symptims of lupus, they can check to see if you are anemic, have any changes in red or white blood counts, platelets, and a few other things. Those red patches of skin, I get even when I have a band aid put on...

    so go figure.

    But there are so many strange things that can happen, but for each new thing that happens write it down, photograph it, if its visible. You never kno, it may go towards the diagnostic critera and you dont even know it yet. But I will post it so you do know, lol. here is the Lupus diagnostic critera.

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    Diagnostic criteria for lupus

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    Last Updated: June 29, 2004

    Diagnostic criteria for lupus

    The following criteria are used to distinguish lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, or SLE) from other autoimmune and rheumatic diseases.

    A person with 4 of these 11 conditions can be diagnosed with lupus; 3 symptoms suggest that lupus is probably present, and 2 raise the possibility of lupus. Symptoms may be present all at once or appear in succession over a period of time. 1

    Butterfly (malar) rash on cheeks

    Rash on face, arms, neck, torso (discoid rash)

    Skin rashes that result from exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light (photosensitivity)

    Mouth or nasal ulcers, usually painless

    Joint swelling, stiffness, pain involving two or more joints (arthritis)

    Inflammation of the membranes surrounding the lungs (pleuritis) or heart (pericarditis). This inflammation is called serositis.

    Abnormalities in urine, such as increased protein or clumps of red blood cells or kidney cells, called cell casts, in the urine

    Nervous system problems, such as seizures or psychosis, without known cause

    Problems with the blood, such as reduced numbers of red blood cells (anemia), platelets, or white blood cells

    Positive antinuclear antibody (ANA) test

    Signs of increased autoimmunity (antibodies against normal tissue), as shown by laboratory tests

    Source(s): http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/LupusAutoimmu... (yahoo group for diagnosed and undiagnosed lupus/ and other autoimmune paitents)
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    There are four kinds of lupus-systemic, drug induced, neonatal and cutaneous. The cutaneous kinds affect the skin and hair. The only way to know for sure is with a simple skin biopsy. In the mean time, stay out of the sun PEROID

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    It does happen with Lupus.. My mom had it.. Her skin would tear open on her foot.. It was really bad at one pont.. But there is multiple reasons for something such as you described.. I would try not to worry.. Its most likely something minor.

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    Maybe you are allergic to the material of construction of your clothes! I have a similar problem and I allergic to fur and feathers! Maybe you have something like that!

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