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Swelling after instect bite?

Hiya.. This week and last week I've been bitten by mosquitos in the middle of the night (or what ever they are called, is it midgets??) Last week I got bit 5 times in one night and were so itchy and irritating with a bit of swelling for over a week latery. And yesterday I got bit again twice and one bite has swelled up quite a lot, and its itchy. I've put savlon on some insect spary on them but it doesn't stop the itch. I used canesten cream actually yeserday and that seems to stop the itching. Should I go to the docs and ask him for some cream or does anyone know any home remedies? OR how to avoid getting bit???

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    Me and my friends had this problem too! I counted over 20 bites on my body, it was awful!

    One of my friends saw the doctor, who told her the swelling is the poison. It is a mosquito bite. I used calamine on mine and left them until they went down themselves, but the friend who saw the doctor was prescribed something for them, just to stop her itching.

    You should only worry if the swelling gets REALLY big, my left elbow doubled in size! I didn't go to the doctor though, and it started to go down when I stopped scratching it! Scratching will help the poison to spread, which is why scratched ones get bigger and bigger. You can also leave yourself open to infection by scratching.

    You could carry on using the canesten, or you could try to pop to your doctor to see what they could prescribe for you!

    I've read in the paper that putting vinegar on yourself prevents them from biting you, and also eating Marmite can prevent bites! The doctor also said sitting next to plants or bins attracts them.

    Good luck, I hope they calm down soon!

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    canesten cream will not be able to help itching from insect bite because canesten treats fungal infections. you could try using triderm cream instead but if it really itches and disrupts your sleep you can take medications called anti-histamines. it would be best though if you sought consult from a dermatologist because using home remedies may lead to scarring or adverse effects on your skin. use mosquito net/kulambo or put some off lotion on before sleeping. hope i helped

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    Wear baggy clothes for one. And put bug spray on. I can't say for sure but it sounds like maybe the bite is infected. Could be possible, especially if you scratch at it alot. Oh, and I read that rubbing ammonia on the bite with reduce itching--ONLY if you haven't broken the skin scratching at it. If you have, then use mouthwash. That's what I read in a book about insects, at least. Good luck!

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    swelling instect bite

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