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Im international student without SS and I need a Health Insurance.Is there any good I can get?

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    Try Blue Shield/Blue Cross or Aetna if you want PPO.

    Also try some HMO they are one stop shop, like Kaiser Permanente.

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    If you're like me you can't afford good quality insurance. No matter how pretty insurance companies like to make themselves look they really don't provide you with what you need whether the cost is WAY too high or the coverage is WAY to low. I'm here to provide you with an excellent alternative to insurance and thats ASI. ASI is an excellent alternative for insurance even though it's not an insurance company they offer great discount to cut the costs of doctor visits. Now lets be honest insurance doesn't cover you fully some people are on the 80-20 plan, insurance pays 80% while you pay 20%, if thats the case you can use this to cut the cost.. These are some of the benefits you get as being registered under ASI

    Average of 30-40% and more on hospital stays & doctors visits at participating hospitals & physicians;

    all pre-existing conditions and elective or cosmetic procedures qualify immediately with no waiting


    · The Premier plan will pay up to $2,000 for any accidents with only a $100 deductible – no limit to the

    number of accidents

    · Includes a $5,000 accidental death & dismemberment benefit

    · Prescription Drug Savings of up to 40% off each prescription

    · Savings of up to 60% on all dental procedures at participating dentists

    · Savings of up to 65% on eye care needs including, eye exams, glasses and contacts

    · Chiropractic coverage at a savings of 30-40% at participating chiropractic facilities

    · 40% savings using our Points of Care program which includes savings on diabetic supplies, hearing

    aids and durable goods

    · A Free Cell phone – will mail when plan has been active for 90 days

    · 250 free cell phone minutes per month

    · Free Unlimited Long Distance at home

    Please contact me if you would like more information

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