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I got a check bounced back?

so i lent this "friend" around 500 bucks in all and he tried to pay back with 2 checks around 250 each.

both checks bounced

what can i do?

i gave him a chance to pay back but he never did


he is not answer calls or messages and has moved from the city

what actions can i take and how can i get the money back


i've heard of small court

how much will it cost me?

is it possible to win the money of the bounced check and the court fee etc?

sorry, i'm a naiive teen and getting used to the real world.

Update 2:

by small court i meant small claims

need more info on it

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    In many states, writing a bad check is a crime. I assume you still have the checks... call your friend and tell him that you are taking the bad checks to the police. Give him the opportunity to pay you back, in cash. If he doesn't, go to the police and let him get hwat he deserves.

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    As a reservoir of wisdom, the best thing you do is to file a court action against your friend on the bouncing check. But now it is impossible if you cant get the address to serve a summon. Next time if somebody borrows money, consider that out of 10 persons, only one is honest to pay you back. Others go into hiding, another promises you to pay in some future time. So if you are compassionate, just lend them $50 if they ask for $100.00. Forgive your friend so you find relief.

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    You can't recover your funds. You gave the person money, in hopes that he/she would pay you back. That's the way it works. If you loaned them the money 'via check' then it cost you more. Take your loss, and learn from your experience. I'm 55 years old, and am still trusting, and losing money all the time with my kids. When you are dead, it won't matter anyways, keep a good heart and help those that deserve it. Good luck, Ron

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    You can go to small claims court and file a claim against him if you want to. Check your county's court website.

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