Has anyone heard of diabetics getting sore, chafed armpits?

My husband says this is common with this diabetis, but I've only heard of darkening of the folds in the skin, armpits, groin etc. not itching and chafing.


Hello Mr Knowitall. According to my husband, yes, he's the diabetic not me.

Thanks Fur, no it definitely isn't psoriasis, I have that myself (it's my husband that's diabetic. It definitely looks like chafing

Update 2:

Also, it's so sore he couldn't sleep and could hardly put his arms down.

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    that is very possible with many diabetes there are so many complications and dry itchy skin is one of them. chaffing occurs where there is simply rubbing of dry skin. Your husband maybe one day forgot to wear deodorant or was sweating much on a particular day and this caused it along with a little bacteria. try keeping that area clean and applying some chaffing ointment or neosporin on at night this should help.

    Source(s): medical asst. and dialysis technician
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    1 decade ago

    I've been diagnosed with diabetes for about five years, and just this year I've had trouble with chafing in my armpits! I didn't realize it had anything to do with diabetes!

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    2 things: wear a jock strap (yes I know it is embarrassing but it works) and use a penis health creme. A good creme will contain Vitamin E and shea butter, which will hydrate and protect your penis skin from chafing and other abrasions. Take these simple steps and you will be all good.

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    i too.....m a diabetic for over 35 years.... this problem just started with me a year ago.... i put Vaseline on them at bed time and it really helps alot.......

    i never thought this was due to being a diabetic... i thought it was my deodorant... after i changed it to a "sensitive" skin one.... it still came back! try the Vaseline!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am a medical technician and have never heard of that before. Does it itch? Could it be psoriasus?

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