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Is there anything wrong with being 22 and never having a grilfriend?

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    No there isn't ... u hav just been unlucky ...or may be ur too choosy or too shy or too much of something else

    You are perfectly normal as long as u want a girlfriend ... never mind how far have u been successful. But do try to find out in which areas u r lacking so that u can improve and get a girlfriend ... all the best ... hope u get a girlfriend soon

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    No there is nothing wrong with that...but you would not be asking this question if you were not interesting in dating/having a girlfriend. The important thing to do is get out there as much as possible in social situations and you will find someone. Its law of average my friend...the more times you try something the more results you will get both positive and negative. Just relax and dont put pressure on yourself cause you have never had a girlfriend. No one else cares, so dont let it bother you : ) Good luck!

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    Ya know. I probably thought the same thing when I was

    17... 18... 19... I was picky. I wanted to wait until the

    right person came along. Guess what? I met him just

    before I turned 20. But, I waited because it was right for


    Watch "The Pick Up Artist" on cable for tips on how to

    approach ladies and become comfortable. But, if you already

    are.. chill. Wait until the right lady comes along. It will be well

    worth the wait.

    Nothing wrong.

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    Nothing wrong at all especially when this is not explained by any psychic (homosexuality) or physiological (reproductive tract disorders) abnormalities. I tell you it pays to be patient, spend your youth investing in education and other worthy activities and find time when appropriate to look and marry the woman you love.

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    there is nothing wrong with that at all. you should live your life enjoy it the best that you can you have to realize being the age 22 and being single you can do alot you can go places and do not worry about if it was okay or not so enjoy your life.

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    Well depends on the circumstances... But must say one misses out allot of things. Good times bad times all of them makes it worthwhile..

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    1 decade ago

    why r u asking this question mann?? i mean if u r happy with it **** the people! just be happy and thr's nothing wrong to be a single! be wht u r and stay happy!

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    haha. NO!

    i find it fun, actually.

    i asked the same question.

    21 and no boyfriend...

    see how the guys answered mines. maybe it'll help:;_ylt=Amyjq...

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    Na don't worry about whens its time you will find someone

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    maybe,is better you look some or you will be single 4 ever

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